A Comparison of SkiLink and StopSkiLink

brad_rutledgeThis week, we are pleased to feature a guest blog post from Brad Rutledge, a father, husband, triathlete, skier, mountain biker, hiker. In his spare time, Brad runs Rutledge Consulting Group, and he provides PR consulting to the Stop SkiLink coalition. You may contact Brad at brad@rutledgeconsultinggroup.com. If you would like to contribute blog content, please contact us at info@StopSkiLink.org.

If you’re following the controversial SkiLink proposal to sell pristine public lands in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains to Talisker, a private Canadian company, with the intention of building a gondola connecting ski resorts, you’ve likely seen a lot of different information thrown out – some mud-slinging and outright mis-information. Following a recent public forum on SkiLink, I took it upon myself to do some fact checking of the official web properties on both sides of the issue.

The following video is a recording of my journey as I checked out both sides – enjoy.