How You Can Help

Together, we can stand up for Utah and our Land

Every effort you make to help spread the word–to your friends, family, co-workers, congressmen, etc.–goes a long way! We can make a difference with your help.

By far the most effective way to stop SkiLink is to call your representatives.
Emails are great (form letters–not so much), signing the petition, posting signs, and sharing on Facebook is fantastic–but calling your representatives and letting them know how you feel about the issue is worth more than just about anything else you could possibly do. Five minutes on the phone it all it takes, and it can literally help save the Wasatch. Call and ask to speak to someone with knowledge on the subject. If you have to leave a message, call again two days later if you don’t hear back. It works–we’ve tried it and seen the benefits ourselves!

Easy ways to pitch in:

  1. Like us on Facebook—and show your friends and family the importance of this issue.
  2. Sign the petition!
  3. Call and email your representatives:
  4. Post a Stop SkiLink sign where people will see it. Your neighbors will ask you about SkiLink and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to share the message. Submit your email in the footer or sidebar, or just email
  5. Donate time and money to Save Our Canyons and Winter Wildlands Alliance