Stop SkiLink – The Video

The things that make the Wasatch so special endure year round, even if the snow in the Wasatch does not. Please take a moment and watch this video:, courtesy of Ryan Hanlon and our good friends at GEBBS.

While we do not know what yesterday’s news from VailVail Resorts, and Canyons Resort means with respect to the future of SkiLink, we are hopeful that new ears will listen to the locals and learn why we feel so strongly that SkiLink is not in the public interest. We urge you, our loyal followers, to engage in respectful dialogue and share what makes the Wasatch so important to you.

We appreciate your continued support, and we know that the 2,800+ of us on this page (and thousands more who have yard signs, have signed the petition (, etc.) are influencing the public discourse, helping to preserve the Wasatch, and helping to Stop SkiLink Now!