Who We Are

We are a coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations, and concerned citizens who would like input on the way our public lands are used—so that we can work together to find solutions for transportation, recreation and tourism that benefit everyone.

If you have a business and would like to join us, send an email to info@stopskilink.org. If you’re a concerned citizen, please sign the petition and like our Facebook page.

Businesses & Organizations

Surveys show a majority of Salt Lake Valley residents oppose expansion of ski-resort development in favor of less-invasive recreation. Salt Lake City and County governments, environmental groups and hunting organizations want a plan for the canyons that considers myriad related issues, not merely economic development, and the city and county are working on such a plan. Members of Congress should stay out of it.

SkiLink would require too much sacrifice by the majority in order to further enrich a few.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Action Media Source
Alpine Appraisal, LLC
Armada Ski Company
Alta Lodge
Angela Delao, Pediatrician
Arete Construction
Back in Motion Chiro
Backbone Media
BFG Construction
Big Mountain Ranch
Black Diamond
Bluehouse Skis
Blue Sky Consulting, LLC
Butch Adams Photograhy
Channel Signal
Chiropractic Works of park City
Cinnibar Investment Properties, LLC
Discrete Headwear
DPS Skis
Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS)
Former State Senator Scott Howell
Frank Granato Importing
Friends of Alta
G Brad Lewis Photo
Gear Cartel
Gear Talk, Inc
Grand County Law and Justice Center
GreenWay Painting, LLC
Gregory Mountain Products
Higher Ground Landscaping
InStar Solutions, Inc.
Intermountain Guitar and Banjo
Jeff Bell, LCSW
Jim Struve, LCSW
John Rice Construction
Jones Snowboards
Julie Frenette, F.N.P.,C.N.M
KP2 Architects
Lone Peak Dermatology
Lone Peak Packs
Men’s Health Center
Mountain Hardwear
Mountain Miners Landscaping, LLC
Pagan Mountaineering
Panda Poles
Personal Tree Care
Petzl America
POC Sports
Powderwhore Productions
Protect Our Winters
Quality Building & Renovation
R.D. Build Construction
Radius Engineering
Random Projects
Red Rock Counseling and Education, LLC
Ruta Locura
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker
Salt Lake Climbers Alliance
Salt Lake County Councilman Arlyn Bradshaw
Salt Lake County Councilman Jim Bradley
Salt Lake County Councilwoman Jani Iwamoto
Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon
Salt Lake Organics
Save Our Canyons
Utah Chapter, Sierra Club
Solutions for Business Development
Soul Poles
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
Stephen Trimble
Suzi’s Studio
The Conservation Alliance
The Green Element
The Wilderness Society
Thompson Manufacturing
Titanium Goat
Todd Stewart
ULA Equipment
Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment
Utah Rivers Council
Utah State Representative Patrice Arent
Utah State Representative Joel Briscoe
Utah State Representative Mark Wheatley
Utah State Representative David Litvack
Utah State Senator Ben McAdams
Utahns for Better Transportation
Vertical Solutions
Wanderlust Images
Wasatch Mountain Club
Wasatch Touring
Waterwise Design and Landscape
Western Investment
Wild Rose Mountain Sports
Winter Wildlands Alliance
Xeriscape Design
Zircon Properties

Community Leaders

“The Wasatch Range and its watershed areas are extraordinarily valuable to the citizens of the Salt Lake Valley. HR 3452 removes our citizens from decisions affecting our public lands, paving the way for a controversial project in our treasured mountains without good examination of watershed, environmental or transportation impacts”.

– Mayor Ralph Becker

“It is morally and ethically wrong for a Utah Congressman to use inside connections to benefit a Canadian-based company at the expense of local interest. After in depth environmental assessment, there may well be an appropriate connection between Big Cottonwood that will benefit locals and tourists. Let’s take the time to find this solution.”

– Rep. Raul M. Grijalva

It needs to start with the local community, not with the feds mandating what happens with land in Utah. Government closest to the people governs best. Locals need to be involved.”

– Mayor Peter Corroon

We have responsibility as stewards of the Wasatch Canyons to protect and conserve this natural treasure, and the many provisioning and cultural benefits these mountains give us and that we depend upon. When my children are teenagers, I want them to discover our backcountry, to immerse in an excursion following a trail around one more bend or to the next peak and to find their own personal compass in their explorations.

Not only does [Federal SkiLink legislation HR3452] violate our cooperative and protective watershed management approach for the Wasatch, it also violates the spirit of community-based decision making that is so valued by the residents of the Salt Lake Valley.

Senator Ben McAdams

Skiers, Boarders & Outdoors Enthusiasts

“They won’t be satisfied until they own all the suitable terrain. Then everyone wanting solitude will be crammed into the same little area, and there will be none.”

Steve Glaser, Holladay

I love ski resorts the way they are, and I love the abundant backcountry skiing access that’s so close to Salt Lake. Utah has the best of both worlds, and we should keep it that way!

-Jeff Kiesel SLC, UT

This is a special place that will be destroyed. The installation and existence of this lift will tear apart this spectacular landscape. It is a place that we use for skiing and biking with minimal permanent human impact. The SkiLink will permanently and negatively alter the area. This serves to benefit a small few and harm the vast majority. Our representatives are supposed to represent us, not the developers. Please recognize your mandate as a public servant and start serving the public – allowing SkiLink to go forward is directly counter to your mandate as a representative of the people.

– Alex Lindell, Park City, UT

While the ski industry is a prominent user of our public lands in the central Wasatch, they should not trump the many other uses that take place in these mountains. Experiences enjoyed by people hiking, climbing, bird watching, hunting, fishing, camping, picnicking, wildlife viewing, mountain biking, snowshoeing are equally important to visitors of these public lands and will be directly impacted by the proposed legislation.

The reduction of vehicle miles travelled is a noble cause. However, SkiLink caters to a small minority, yet stands to displace a majority. We need year-round, comprehensive transportation solutions that reduce vehicle miles travelled in the canyons and serves the multiple uses that access these amazing canyons 365 days per year. Solutions need to help the Ski industry as much as they help other recreationists, but the ultimate goal must be protection of the water resources while maintaining the scenic beauty of the canyons which draws over 5 million visits annually.

– Over 5,000 Signers of the petition to Stop SkiLink